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Rohit BalXGood Earth: Reimagining a Couture Line

By Gregory Francis posted Nov 8th 2016 at 7:45PM


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Delhi-based couturier Rohit Bal has collaborated with Good Earth to launch an exclusive, limited edition capsule collection of home décor and apparels. Titled Husn-e-Taairaat, meaning beauty of a bird in Persian, the fact that the collection draws inspiration from Persian art is evident in its use of design motifs that take a cue from the Mughal dynasty. 


Husn-e-Taairaat is a retrospective of Rohit Bal’s eponymous 2015 couture line that he showcased at the Amazon India Couture Week 2015. While the apparels have been created in pure Habutai silks, the home range has been crafted in fine bone china, ceramic, and glassware. Both, the apparels and the home range, have been designed with a contemporary approach. The products and clothes are stitched and hand-painted in royal colours like blue, jade, and ivory, with 24k gold and platinum detailing. Nathdwara’s Pichwai style painting has been put to use to beautify the collection with signature motifs of flora and fauna, like peacocks, lotuses and roses.  


Excited about this launch, Rohit Bal says, ‘I’ve always known that if I had to design a range of home products, it would be with Good Earth. We have been keen to collaborate on a creative project for a long time and this collection is an incredible meeting of our sensibilities.’


A year in the making, the collection is slated to launch on November 12th, exclusively available at Good Earth’s flagship boutiques in Delhi and Mumbai. 


Here’s a glimpse of the collection.



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