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As The World Knows Them Today: Iconic Products

By Ayushee Syal, Time n Style posted Aug 9th 2013 at 6:00AM


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Scores of years ago, a few brilliant ideas, followed by some master strokes gave birth to icons; icons that have claimed their pride of place in one's wardrobe. Possessing a power that is somewhat difficult to express, it is safe to say that their innate appeal is simply indescribable. Meet fashion's iconic 12.

Chanel: Little black dress

Today, the fashion devotee lives by her famous quotes, but, one can perfectly visualise her unique style and the gift to portend what would dictate the fashion scene years later. Hence, the quintessential black dress that women swear by could only have been Mademoiselle Chanel's gift to womankind. She knew how to create something and evoke the need in people to own it. The distinctly Chanel striped tops, turtlenecks, pearls and bows all created a fantasy world, while the LBD was her promise of everlasting modernity-very minimal, yet feminine and discreetly glamourous. The legend lives on every time you see women sauntering in black dresses-glowing with confidence and pride.

Photo Courtesy: Drawing of The Ford Dress By Chanel, Published In The Vogue Us, October 1926 (© Chanel, Courtesy Vogue Paris)

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